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Introducing RUSHCUT, an unprecedented feature-rich media delivery and management service. From reviewing casting auditions and screening dailies on-demand to organizing unit photography and production documents and watching milestone cuts, RUSHCUT offers everything your team needs to collaborate and stay organized, anywhere in the world.


RUSHCUT offers per-file permissions, making each video file viewable only to those who've been granted access

Users have their own individual passwords, which dictate their access to specific files, images and documents. Batch adding makes it quick to add many users. Once they're in the system, it's easy to remove or grant access for each specific user.


With RUSHCUT, your time is not wasted waiting for content to download or buffer

Optimized streaming media servers share the load to ensure every user has a seamless viewing experience.


Multiple Video Sizes

RUSHCUT automatically identifies the end-user's connection and viewing capabilities and streams the appropriate size of file, from smaller formats to high definition, unlike the standard 640x480 file offered by competitors.

Instant Notification

Unlike some systems, RUSHCUT can immediately notify end-users when media is uploaded and ready for review by sending an automated email with direct link to the new content, making access easy for all stakeholders.

No Additional Plug-ins

RUSHCUT uniquely offers the ability to stream in HTML5, designed to deliver rich content without the need for additional plug-ins. To ensure everyone's covered, a duplicate .flv (Flash video) will be created with every encode and offer a backup method for users on browsers with no HTML5 video capabilities.

Unit Photography and Document Management

RUSHCUT offers a tiered photo kill system

This simplifies the process of sorting through behind-the-scenes photography and promotional stills, streamlining the identification of images to be used for promotion and eliminating the need to create and send out PDF contact sheets to production members.

Managing unit photography in the same system as the production's video creates a robust database of the production's visual material and helps expedite this important aspect of production.

Basic Features

  • Upload, Access, and Manage images from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Approve and Kill
  • Add images to favorites, tag for follow up
  • Tag images: ie. "Top 10", "Behind the Scenes", "Simon Pegg", etc.
  • Manage permissions and use a tiered kill strategy
    • i.e. Only give an agent access to images of their client, as approved by you
  • Approve locations, costumes and cast
  • Comment on images
  • Narrow down thousands of images to your Top 10, etc.
  • Switch between thumbnail view and single-image view
  • Download contact sheet

Advanced Features

  • Filter by Approved, Killed, Tag
  • Sort by Filename, folder, date added
  • Set permissions at a granular level
  • Share tags for viewing only
  • Detailed history tracking: date uploaded, tag added, approved, killed, and by whom

Document Management

RUSHCUT offers an in-system document management service, allowing users to send documents to people already in the project or add new recipients. Documents can even be linked to images or videos for quick, nimble access - for example, talent contracts can be linked to gallery photos or legal documents to edits. Once final deliverables are identified at the end of a production, a unique package can be assembled and sent out. While the service does not offer editing capabilities, it offers a secure storage tool with a simple interface and concise delivery capabilities.


Unique automated
empowers users

Once a RUSHCUT account has been created and initial training has been provided, clients have the ability to manage their own projects, activating encodes, distributing media and automatically deactivating access on a specific date, removing the threat of a security breach.

Scenic Drive offers flat rate or monthly/annual billing plans after thoroughly reviewing the client's business. Built-in protections prevent a project from exceeding the agreed-upon plan without a prior written request to Scenic Drive, eliminating confusion and frustration due to user error.


Simple and secure
media delivery across
all platforms

RUSHCUT allows sales agents to focus on negotiating with clients by eliminating the challenges of sending physical copies for viewing. With the ability to give media reviewers timed access to the screener that is automatically deactivated, marketers can rest assured the media is secure.


A new tool for broadcasters, distributors and financiers

Because RUSHCUT is a digital web-based service, it has the capabilities to gather a substantial amount of data on its projects and users with PULSE, an innovative feature exclusive to RUSHCUT. From every login and IP address to mouse-click and duration watched of a specific video, data is gathered to track habits of the production's personnel. With PULSE, stakeholders can monitor the 'health' of a project based on pre-set parameters according to production schedule or other criteria

Intended for broadcasters, distributors, financiers and larger productions with 2-50+ annual productions through RUSHCUT, PULSE quickly allows stakeholders to identify issues visually. It can measure trends over time, and can help to pinpoint strengths and areas to improve.

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