Meet the Team behind the scenes.

Haydn Wazelle


A serial hat wearer who had to give up his dream career in the millinery arts due to a nasty raffia allergy, Hayden is a founding partner in Scenic Drive. He's also a producer of film, television and video game entertainment, so he gets workflow, project management, accounting and legal issues. As urban as it gets, he is the sole Vancouverite afraid of birds and wildlife in every form. Which is why he spends a lot of time inside, financing, developing, consulting and producing in the Canadian entertainment industry. You've heard of the CBC documentary feature, Dads, and the films Pilgrims, Yellowhead and Destroyer, which premiered at TIFF '13, right? No? Well he's currently producing the CMF-funded Eon Altar, which has no real animals in it, so look out for that.

Haydn oversees finance, corporate operations and practices, project management and leads system innovation and design.

Angela Konieczny

Project Coordinator

Angela graduated with a BA from UBC, went to the Tooba Physical Theatre School in Vancouver, on to the Jerzy Grotowski Centre in Poland, then circled back to the stages and studios of Vancouver as an actor. She is a co-founder of Tabula Dada Productions with Scenic Drive partner (and husband) Haydn and was the associate producer on their acclaimed short film, Leaf (Official Selection VIFF '12) and the documentary, Dads. Angela and Haydn have also co-produced two wonderful little daughters, Zara and Selena, and are proof that opposites do indeed attract. She loves the outdoors, the ocean and (dare we say it?) animals, much to Haydn's chagrin.

At Scenic Drive, Angela is responsible for managing projects and keeping the team sane.

Ron White

Director of Technology / Partner

Ron may be the only person with a BA in English who went into coding. This self-described software and web development nut went from Shakespeare to managing retail, and then could deny his fate and aptitude for software and web development nevermore! Between old Battlestar Galactica binges he has developed automated online encoding scripts for thousands of video files, built online stores from scratch, and has extensive experience maintaining in-house and remote web and data servers and if you are still reading this you get a prize!

Dawn Knight

Design Consultant

The unofficial inventor of 'glamping', Dawn Knight is a senior post-production expert in Canadian film and television and was also Scenic Drive's first champion, trusting us with her own shows and helping secure deals and forge relationships with clients such as Hallmark and FOX.

A two-time Emmy® Award-winning Supervising Producer, Dawn launched her career in film 20 years ago and has amassed extensive experience working with various studios, networks and independent producers including MGM, Paramount, Universal, Showcase, Disney, NBC, CTV, 20th Century Fox, Nickelodeon, Hallmark and Lifetime. Dawn has been awarded two Daytime Emmys®, first in 2012 and then again in 2013 as Supervising Producer for Best Children's Series 'R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour'. She doesn't believe in retirement and plans to continue her career in the future after being revived from cryogenic freezing. Once she's updated to the iPhone5745, that is.

Dawn consults on design features for future system development.

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