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Trust the system that's seen it all. Formerly DDM, Scenic Drive has extensive expertise in providing the film and television industry with one of its top custom web-based media review systems. Our flagship Screening Room service has become widely used and regarded as a reliable service for dailies distribution, web-based collaboration tools for edits and cuts, and solutions for document and image management. In short, Scenic Drive handles all of the digital details so that post-production collaborations run smoothly, quickly and securely.

Prior to 2011, most film and television productions used a complex process of creating and distributing custom DVDs of daily footage, edits and milestone cuts to a large group of stakeholders on a daily basis. DDM was founded in October 2010 to provide an alternative to this cumbersome system. The mass adoption of video sharing platforms (Google Drive, Yousendit, YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, etc.) primed non-technical computer users to be comfortable watching videos online and using online data management services. This is when DDM introduced its web-based media services to the marketplace. Our first screening room service, DeZire, was launched in January 2011. While other web-based services offer video and document management solutions, their tools are created for the mass consumer and not designed to meet the highly specialized needs of media entertainment professionals. With a deep understanding of industry protocol in mind, Scenic Drive streams content directly to the user securely, quickly and efficiently.

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