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The Screening Room

Dailies and Cuts

Unleash creativity with an easy-to-use, web-based platform that let's you exchange, collaborate, approve and distribute work-in-progress materials from concept development to final delivery.

The professional system encodes, distributes, delivers and houses dailies and cuts for you. Custom watermarks overlaid on files allow users to manage their own distribution lists so only the appropriate stakeholders receive the right files at the proper times. Our clients tell us that The Screening Room reduces production and distribution expenses, improves efficiency and minimizes risk - both creatively and financially.

Features of the video playback component of The Screening Room:
  • Sort and screen digital rushes by episode and/or shoot day
  • Easily View Milestone Cuts - Assembly, Rough, Director's, Producer's, Fine, Locked, and Final Cuts
  • Video Controls - users can pause, advance forward/backward, view in slow motion and change the view mode
  • Flexible View Mode - screen dailies within the player, in full screen or from an external monitor
  • Simultaneous Batch Upload - the system allows users to upload bandwidth intensive media files and multiple assets concurrently.
  • Advanced File Compatibility - while we have preferred formats, the system is completely file format agnostic and will accept virtually any kind of audio or video files
  • Central Audit, Tracking and Notification System - the system sends you an automated email notification when a file has been uploaded or a specific action occurred, and keeps an audit trail of all site activities by user

"These guys know web-based video and they kept it fast and secure all the way through our project"

Matthew Cervi - Producer

Convenient, Anywhere

Effortless Content Delivery

Skip the download and use our streaming media server to share content with your team instantly - no matter where in the world they are.

Viewing dailies, cuts and promotional videos using The Screening Room system is as simple as navigating a favorite web site. Editors upload the file once to the screening room system via our secure FTP.

Then The Screening Room system does the rest:

  • It automatically identifies the new upload and confirms it as complete;
  • overlays the file with a watermark with each authorized user's unique credentials and/or company logos (as many users as you want);
  • and places the media behind a highly secure and password protected online Screening Room;
  • it then notifies each authorized user via email that a new video is ready for review. Users simply click the hyperlink in the message to view their file.
The secure system is vetted by third-party, industry-trusted security firms and utilizes security measures employed by industry leaders as well as online banks.

"Thanks for everything during the past year and a half while I was directing and editing my feature 'Red Machine'. DDM [The Scenic Drive system] was invaluable to our success"

David Hackl - Director


Work Together, Faster

Your team can put heads together in one easy-to-use system. With all footage in one place and a robust encode engine and collaboration tool, working together is intuitive and fast.

With full workflow capabilities, The Screening Room system simplifies collaboration, distribution and media encoding logistics. It enables the delivery of footage (streaming or editorial online broadcast quality) through the same system so creative execs can view dailies and cuts securely from anywhere in the world.

Its robust workflow engine facilitates both simple and complex workflows. So, for example, a director can review a rough-cut prior to releasing it to a television network; or an online studio publicity executive can select a clip from a movie for promotional use and submit it to franchise marketing and legal for approval.

Subscribers get an email notification once an event has completed.

Notes can be attached to any content stored in The Screening Room's system (such as rough cuts, dailies and promotional files).

"It was a fast, flexible and cost effective way for our production team to collaborate on and review material"

Michael Collins - Producer

Handling and Control

You're in control

You have complete control over who has access to what content and when.

Create and define user access privileges at both the individual and group level. Add and change profiles quickly and easily using pre-defined 'User Profiles' (like admin, superuser and user) and 'User Groups' (i.e. dailies, cuts, ftp access, promo).

Stay on top of all site activities thanks to the system's Central Audit and Logging System which tracks it and provides a detailed report. The system has full activity search and sort capabilities, searchable by user, action or date.

"The system performed beautifully. We had some very specific needs and the team was helpful
in making workflow adjustments that really helped us out"

David Dewar - Post Production Supervisor

Safe and Secure

Best in Class Security

Cross 'worrying about security' off your list. Using the same technologies trusted by online banking systems, your creative work is kept safe and secure, both externally and internally. Cenzic, a world-class online security consulting company, routinely tests our system.

Keeping your data absolutely safe also happens to be something Scenic Drive does really well. Hoping that nobody is interested in what you've created isn't enough protection. Security was an integral part of the design blueprints and we created our systems so content and links cannot be deciphered. Then we tested it. Against all known software - and Operating System-specific vulnerabilities.

And because the ways by which sites can be hacked are constantly evolving and changing, so too do our security measures. Vigilant care and frequent penetration testing help us outsmart security threats. We are devoted to keeping our site, and your work, perfectly secure.

"They were able to work seamlessly with our post lab. They made security of our content a priority"

Trish Dolman - Producer



Scenic Drive uses clear, simple navigation, so it's as easy to use as your favorite website.

Using The Screening Room System requires little or no training. It's as simple to navigate as most popular consumer websites. In the fast-paced world of entertainment production, dailies and collaboration requirements can often be overlooked. Our system can set up a new user group the same day production starts.

With a few quick clicks, you can find and work on sections of your project. And thanks to its powerful processing capabilities, you can keep working even while uploading multiple files and assets.

"Everyone finds it very easy to use on any type of platform and the advanced controls make it easy to shuffle and find scenes"

David Cooke - Post Production Manager

Client Support

Always Supported

Scenic Drive's commitment to service sets us apart in the industry. Should you encounter any technical bumps, phone support is available to ensure your issues are addressed quickly so you can get back to work.

"It's exciting to watch our industry embrace new technology and tools to enhance our workflows,
and DDM [now Scenic Drive] has been amazing at instilling the comfort and confidence
we required to work with a web-based service"

Matthew Cervi - Producer

Documents all in one place

Document Management Extras

The document management system, SecureDocs, has been designed to securely hold as well as distribute all of your production documentation, whether internally or to external partners (non-project members).

Admin Features
  1. Create/edit/delete folders and unlimited subfolders
  2. Upload documents one at a time or in batches
  3. Move documents to different destinations
  4. Send documents to project users or non-project users
Customizable Security Features
  1. All documents sent will be overlaid with watermarks with the users First/Last name + E-mail address
  2. Non project members will be sent a temporary landing page to download that document

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